One of our main priorities at Coates Design, is to create homes that enhance inhabitants’ health, well-being and sense of fulfillment in life.

Few things in life are as personal or hold as much meaning as home. A home is more than just where we live; it’s a vessel for our memories and the site from which we build our plans and dreams. It’s our past, present and future, composed in a vibrant framework of materials that should inspire us.

But a home is not just an idea or an ideal, it must also be practical. It has to function well and serve the day-to-day needs of those who live within. Kitchens have to make cooking and eating a joy rather than a chore. Bedrooms have to be sanctuaries from the demands of the outside world. Living areas have to withstand high traffic and daily use while remaining attractive spaces.

Furthermore, a home should peacefully coexist with the land on which it sits. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, construction has to take into consideration the surrounding ecosystem and natural resources. Residential architecture that exists in harmony with the environment has been a core tenet of Coates Design since our inception.

As residential architects, every project we take on is a balance of form, function and ecological context. To us, a “dream home” is one that takes inspiration from our clients’ visions and needs as well as the environment. We use our extensive experience as residential designers who prioritize sustainability and innovation to create spaces that reflect our clients’ values, often expressed in clean lines and elegant forms, that are thoughtful and well-proportioned, that prioritize natural daylight complimented by attentive, discreet artificial lighting, and that, above all, are designed to meet the varied and abundant needs of how our clients live.

As residential architects, our portfolio is deep, and the level of creativity and experience we bring to every home we design is unmatched. We have a passion for designing spaces that will enhance the lives of the people within them. No matter the size or scope of what we build, we know that quality design leads to better quality of life.