In architecture, sustainability
is not a distinct service, an add-on, or a separate offering.

It is a starting place. A way of being.
Integrated with all we do.

Green design, from the ground up.

Coates Design was built from the ground up as a sustainable design firm—as such, we incorporate sustainable concepts into everything we do. A thought leader among sustainable architecture companies, we believe that sustainability and great design are synergistic forces, with one informing the other, working in tandem to make the sum greater than each part. Our commitment to sustainability in architecture fuels our imagination and drives innovation, and our green principles, design strategies and technical advances are not just how we approach the work, but they’re also embedded into our company culture.

With our sustainable architecture company located in the Seattle community, we take our inspiration from both people and place. Our sustainable principles are echoed and supported by forward-thinking clients who are deeply invested in the stewardship of the land, air and water that comprise our stunning surroundings. By acting on our deeply held philosophy that sustainability must balance all components of building design, including architecture, interiors, landscape design, structural and mechanical engineering, and low-impact site development, we have become leaders among sustainable architecture firms. We have shown through our projects and our practice that incorporating sustainability in architecture will reduce building and maintenance costs and leave a lighter footprint on our planet—all without ever having to sacrifice great design. Indeed, by operating in harmony with our surroundings, we craft commercial buildings and private residences alike that will stand the test of time beautifully and sustainably.

While every project our sustainable architecture firm takes on is unique to the place, purpose and people it is designed for, they all enjoy one thing in common: the belief that sustainability in architecture and design should enrich the lives of building occupants each and every day while also contributing to the local community and ecosystem.