The Roof at the Kids Discovery Museum is Growing on Us!

Topics: Design, Sustainability

Coates Design Architects

The new Kids Discovery Museum on Bainbridge Island has been designed to include a Living Roof. A living roof will naturally insulate a building, providing a natural barrier to heat gain or loss.

For kids and adults who are science-minded, here is another description: Green roofs, cool buildings with extra thermal mass and evapotranspiration.

Kids Discovery Museum is built next to a protected habitat known as  “Winslow Ravine.”  The living roof also protects the ravine by reducing storm water surges.

Additionally, the vegetation on the roof attracts fun insects, including butterflies, contributing to the overall ecological balance of the surrounding area – including Winslow Ravine.

Crates of Vegetation before planting on roof
Crated Vegetated Panels

In summary, here are a few attributes of “Green” Building Design:

  • the architecture supports native environments/habitats
  • the architecture serves to maximize space for landscapes
  • the architecture replaces displaced planted areas

Congratulations, Kids Discovery Museum, for GOING GREEN!  “KiDi Mu” will be open to the public on June 5, 2010.

The Kids Discovery Museum is part of the Island Gateway Project on Bainbridge Island, designed by Coates Design Architects. The project includes the new Bainbridge Museum of Art. Retail and office space pre-sales available now.

Content provided by Gus Lynch, LEED AP, Coates Design Architects Project Lead for Kid’s Discovery Museum, Coates Design Architects.