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Geothermal… Heat From Within The Earth

April 14, 2009 Geothermal... Heat From Within The Earth

Seattle based Coates Design Architects designed this home with a goal of LEED-H Platinum certification in mind. It utilizes several different mechanical systems like this geothermal loop to achieve such a rating.

Geothermal… Heat From Within The Earth

The Ellis Residence integrates several mechanical systems which will be discussed throughout this Bainbridge Architects blog. The first of many to be installed was the geothermal loop. The basic principle of Geothermal heat is to use the consistent ground temperature to help in heating or cooling a building.  In our climate the geothermal loop will be used to heat the Ellis Residence. A geothermal loop can be run either vertically or horizontally. For economic reason this loop runs horizontally. A glycol solution is pumped through over 1,000 feet of buried tubing to extract the 55 degree ground temperature which, in turn, will be transferred to our hydronic radiant floor system used to regulate the temperature in the house. Geothermal energy affords a 4:1 return over standard electric heating. Follow the blog to learn about the other mechanical systems that can be implemented in a project with the goal of  LEED-H Platinum.

One of Three Geothermal Trenches