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New Bainbridge Island Police Project is a Collaboration

April 18, 2017 New Bainbridge Island Police Project is a Collaboration

The shared dialogue between Coates Design Architects, McClaren Wilson and Lawrie (MWL) and the University of Washington Police Department, will assist in developing an approach to the new Bainbridge Island Police Facility. On April 11th, Coates Design and MWL visited the new University of Washington Police facility located on the Seattle Campus.

Chief Matthew Hamner, City of Bainbridge, accompanied the team for the tour. The purpose was to illustrate the potential of a multi-floor urban solution, and the operational effects the approach has on a police facility.

Chief John Vinson of the UW Police graciously conducted the tour and shared his thoughts on the design process from the vantage point of a client. Jim McClaren, MWL Principal and architect was lead for the planning/programming of the UW facility and offered his insights on working with Chief Vinson to bring the project to fruition.  Matthew Coates lead architect and Robert Hutchinson with Coates Design also accompanied the tour, viewing it as an opportunity to reinforce the positive aspects of the UW design, and to reflect upon design decisions that might have been done differently.