Coates Design 2020 Bridge Competition

Topics: Architecture, Design

Books laying on homemade bridge

Coates Design: Architecture + Interiors, and… bridges?

Last Friday, Coates Design held a bridge competition among employees to put architectural skills to the test. Coates employees built bridges out of wheat straws, coffee stirrers, and an adhesive of choice to see who could come up with the sturdiest design. The strength of the bridge was determined by the amount of weight the bridge could hold before collapsing, which made for quite an entertaining night with bridges toppling in dramatic fashion. Among the prizes were People’s Choice (most popular), Highest Amount of Weight Held Before Yielding, and Highest Strength to Weight Ratio.

There were some extremely innovative designs among the competition with one of the contestants thinking (quite literally) outside of the box. Coates Design’s very own Rick Ledford stole the night with his bridge that held 340 pounds! Despite the hefty weight of the bridge, it was still good enough to take home the top prize of Highest Strength to Weight ratio (3.6 lbs/oz).

Even with doors open and masks on, it was a fun socially-distant occasion filled with laughs and corny architecture jokes (“Are you sure that black electrical tape is up to code?”). 

Here is a recap:


And some slow motion destruction!