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5 Popular Décor Styles for You

February 19, 2020 interior living room decor style available in home of seattle area architecture firm

Your interior designer should work with you to choose the interior décor style you like. Here are 5 popular décor styles you’ll love.

It is only natural to grow tired of living with the same interiors for years. Are you too planning to add that oomph-factor to your house? Is it finally time to try out something unique?
Since variety is the spice of life, new homeowners and décor enthusiasts are always up for changing things up. As interior experts we believe in the fact that the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.
Your house is your personal sanctuary, the reflection of who you are and what you love. The décor style you choose defines your personality and aesthetic taste.
And, remember that you must feel like you belong to the newly decorated home. We have come across several clients who often struggle to communicate what they actually want to do with the place.
To simplify the choice of a décor style for your house, we have explained 5 popular décor styles. Let’s figure out which one is meant for you!

Modern Style
Looking for sleek, clutter-free, and crisp look to your place? Modern décor style is for you. It would entail a simple color palette with whites, blacks, greys, and browns, and incorporate materials like steel, glass, and ceramic. This style is meant for people who are organized and prefer to gel with the modern living standards.

Modern style decor

Minimalist Style
Minimalist décor style is takes inspiration from the modern style and further simplifies it. The focus is on functionality and the idea is “less is more”. From monochromatic minimalism to inconspicuous luxury, the style uses neutral colors and nothing, in terms of furniture or accessories, seems superfluous. It is ideal for people who like it all very clean.

Traditional Style
A complete opposite of the modern style, the traditional style is comforting and classic. It’s calm and predictable. A consistency and graceful order are observed throughout the place and nothing creates a “bang!” It’s a go-to style if you wish to keep any old pieces or vintage furniture. This style suits people who like being in their comfort zone.

Traditional style decor

Eclectic Style
Imagine a room with contrasting colors, juxtaposing textures, disparate style- all forming a perfectly cohesive look. That’s what an eclectic décor style is. This would allow you to experiment and play with ideas.
Eclectic style would use both light and dark colors, try out clashing patterns, and toy with different textures. Statement objects, unique furniture, and art pieces are a must to add. Sounds fun? Feel free to try it!

Shabby Chic Style
Shabby chic style is relaxing-yet-artistic. The décor isn’t meant to be purposeful. Neutral backgrounds with bold, vibrant shabby chic pieces create the perfect balance.
You can hit thrift stores for the “shabby” pieces and mix and match it with natural elements and textured paint work to add the “chic” feel. This style is meant for those who love being messy, but with style!