Point White House

Bainbridge Island, WA

An honest expression of materials and structure defines this house both inside and out. Concrete-block bearing walls, exposed beams, roof decking, and a stained concrete floor are all revealed in the home’s open interior. Generous window openings, along with surfaces that extend outdoors, blend the interior with the exterior, allowing the occupants to feel that they are always at home amidst the ancient cedars that surround the home. Sustainability was a prerequisite for this design; not just as a guide for materials and equipment, but also as a guide for the form of the house itself.


  • Hydronic radiant floor heating
  • Reconstituted concrete countertops
  • Zero-VOC paint
  • High-durability, low maintenance materials
  • Site-milled cedar siding


  • 2009 AIA Home of the Month Award