As visitors to Bainbridge disembark from the Bainbridge Island ferry, the Eagle Harbor Market Building welcomes them with inviting plazas, retail shops and restaurants.

Its richly-detailed copper patina, beautiful indigenous gardens, and nationally-recognized sustainable features complement the surrounding environment and invite visitors to come shop, eat, and play.

Architectural Features:

  • Copper panel cladding
  • Pedestrian-friendly street level
  • Habitable green roof

Copper was chosen for the exterior cladding to provide distinctive color and texture to the building’s massing. The copper suggests a natural and textural juxtaposition to the building’s horizontal ironwood siding and elegant concrete base. The building was designed to be a sophisticated and distinctive neighbor to the adjacent Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, and the use of copper created an interplay of exterior volumes between the two buildings. The client’s desire for little maintenance, longevity, elegance, and distinctive appearance made copper an obvious choice.

The green roof deck accommodates events year-round and offers views of Eagle Harbor. The placement of the parking underground allows for a pedestrian-friendly street level, encouraging walkability in the heart of the town. This community landmark brings together the people of Bainbridge Island and creates a sense of place on Winslow Way, the town’s main street. Storefronts line the sidewalks, allowing for an intimate setting for pedestrian traffic to and from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry terminal.