4 Ways to Revamp Your Interior in 2020

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Are you looking to revamp your interiors as the year comes to an end? Read on to find out what’s trending for 2020: It’s time to go green and organic!

Refresh your Interiors in 2020: Go All Organic!

“Home is where the heart is” and we believe it’s true the other way round too. Home décor and interior experts every year come up with their predictions for the latest trends to help enthusiastic homeowners add character to their humble abodes.

Since New Year is just around the corner, here are a few contributions to your list of resolutions for 2020. It’s time to go green and organic!
Snow-peaked mountains, lush green forests, turquoise-blue oceans, and vast green lands have always captivated our minds and soothed our souls. And humans have always strived to bring nature into their houses.

The outdoor-come-indoor theme has been one of the popular interior décor themes of recent years. The appeal of natural materials and greater awareness of the need for sustainable living has inspired our aesthetic sense and design motivation.

Here are 4 ways to go all organic to refresh your interiors in 2020:

1. Incorporate Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements like wood, leather, stones, rocks, and bricks is one way to design an environment-friendly home. Choose the materials which exhibit your personal artistic ideology as well as convey the message of green living. Use natural rocks, stones, and bricks to make your accent wall a rugged beauty. A carved wooden plank with its rustic and country appeal would serve as a classy table top or kitchen counter.
Add a dark mahogany flooring to your living room and keep everything else subtle to make your floor stand out. You can also give an antique and nostalgic feel to your bedroom by getting artisan crafted wood furniture or complementing the high-gloss marble floor with raw, unstained wooden doors.
Throw in an organic rug, sheets, or bedding in your bedroom. Fabrics adorned with floral patterns, rustic prints, and natural textures would bring nature to your interiors. Try wooden walls for your washroom and replace stainless steel accents with brass to get the elegant yet rustic feel.

2. Experiment with Rich, Earthy Hues

2019 was all about playing with the color palette; in 2020 spice things up by adding some earthy hues to your walls. It is best to invest in a color wheel to get a clear picture of how different colors would complement each other.
Burnt oranges, deep browns, dramatic reds, millennial pinks, bright yellows, and fresh greens are the hues to try in 2020.
It’s always a great idea to pair up a bolder color with calmer, neutral tones like whites, creams, and grays. Use the darker shades on your accent wall with muted colors on the rest. If you have a small space, go with more muted paint as it makes a small space appear more spacious.
However, don’t forget to add the organic colors through the furniture, decorative elements, and art pieces. This contrast would make the elements pop while ensuring that your living space doesn’t look too overwhelming or overly vibrant.

3. Let the Natural Light in
High-tech, artificial lighting can never be a replacement for natural sunlight. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s gorgeous! The right amount of light doesn’t just provide you the much-needed Vitamin D; it also instantly gives your room a bright and organic feel.
Great glass windows, sliding glass doors, and huge wall mirrors can bring in more light and reflects it to create an illusion of more space and brightness. Solar-powered lighting is also perfect for this theme. You can always add light-colored curtains or sheers to control the light and add color to the room.

4. Bring in the Houseplants

Gone are the days when artificial plants remained stationary in one of the corners of your room. It’s time to bring in real, naturally growing plants to your home.
Potted houseplants like Snake Plant, Indoor Cacti, Aloe Vera, Rubber Plant, and Pilea Peperomioides are not only natural air purifiers but require little to no maintenance. You can grow flowering vines in indoor terrariums, or allow little herbs to grow in vases and in pots on your side table or at your front foyer table.

A guest post from a Coates Design architect