PORTALS: A Physical Protest of the Pacific Connector Pipeline by FLOAT architecture research and design


Exterior architecture- pacific pipeline protest sculpture by seattle area architect

Coates Design’s very own Zach Bradby took part in the fabrication and installation of the PORTALS project by FLOAT architecture research and design. 

Inside of the ‘portal’. Photographed by David Paul Bayles courtesy of FLOAT.

The project is a physical protest of the proposed route of the Pacific Connector Pipeline, involving ‘portals’, like the one pictured above, installed on private land owned by community members protecting these ecologically rich lands. The portals are intended to shift the perception of these lands away from something to extract or profit from and towards what they truly are- nature its in all its beauty.

The Portals were designed by Erin E. Moore and were constructed by members of Moore’s research practice FLOAT (Construction project management: Chris White; Fabrication and installation: Mike Kwilos (lead), Serena Lim, Andrew Loia, Zach Bradby, Molly Winter).

For more information on this project, go to https://www.floatwork.com/portal-project-statement