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An Introduction and A Little Catching Up To Do

April 7, 2009 An Introduction and A Little Catching Up To Do

Well, we have some catching up to do here. Construction commenced on the Ellis Residence a few month’s ago. So, we would like to get you up-to-date as soon as possible while still hitting the important steps of construction thus far.

Through the eyes of a Bainbridge Island Architect, this blog will touch on the various sustainable challenges and solutions to building a project with the goal of LEED Platinum.

A project with a goal of LEED Platinum first takes a team of individuals dedicated to the principles of sustainable architecture. None are more important to this team than it’s pioneers, the owner’s. It is our privilege to introduce Ed and Joanne Ellis. It is their initial vision that set off a chain-of-events that, through diligent teamwork, will become the highest level of sustainability given through the LEED system.

Ed and Joanne Ellis hard at work breaking ground.