The Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle of 2017

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Eagle Harbor Market Building Exterior - by Coates Design Architects - Seattle, WA

Coates Design Architects has been recognized on a list for Top 10 Best Architects for Restaurants in Seattle from, an architecture website to help people find the best architect for their dream home, dream room, or any other dream building you are looking for.


Seattle is known for varied cuisine that manifests in gourmet, local, farm fresh eateries; nationally renowned breweries; new takes on global street food; artisan dessert spots; organic, vegetarian fare; and northwest fine dining at its best. The designers who envision the restaurants that make Seattle a food connoisseur’s delight are envisioning more than just a functional flow; they are envisioning a complete experience. Their work must not only reflect the essence of the food being served, but also invite the patron into a different world — one that makes them want to sit down and stay awhile. The architects listed below have both the vision and the practicality. They have all contributed their distinct mark to Seattle’s palate-pleasing and visually inviting culinary hot spots and will no doubt continue to help evolve the city’s intimate, artisan-inspired restaurant culture.

Coates Design’s Eagle Harbor Market Building on Bainbridge Island is a staple case study for the commitment to sustainability and responsible architecture. The inspiration of the natural beauty that encompasses Bainbridge Island to the correlation of the Pacific Northwest urban lifestyle, this market is a community landmark that brings people together on any given occasion and creates an approachable sense of place on Winslow Way.

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