The Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle of 2020

February 20, 2020

Eagle Harbor Market Building Exterior - by Coates Design Architects - Seattle, WA

Coates Design has again been recognized on a list of Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle from, an architecture website to help people find the best architect for their dream home, dream room, or any other dream building you are looking for.


Seattle is known for its cuisine that manifests in farm-to-table restaurants, nationally renowned breweries, international street food, artisan bakeries, innovative vegetarian dishes, and boundary-pushing fine dining. The designers who envision the restaurants that make Seattle a food connoisseur’s delight are crafting more than just a functional flow; they are envisioning a complete experience. Their work must not only reflect the essence of the food being served but also invite the patron into a different world, one that makes guests want to sit down and stay awhile. The architects listed below have both vision and practical knowledge; they have all contributed their distinct mark to Seattle’s palate-pleasing, visually inviting culinary hot spots.
To create this list we reviewed dozens of architecture firms in the area and assessed each with a set of criteria that considered experience in restaurant design, awards, and overall work history.

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