Net-Zero Architecture: The Self-Sustaining House Capable of Counteracting the Climate

September 3, 2018

Tumble Creek Residences, Entrance
The spaces condition the life of society. This is probably one of the phrases most known to architects. Coates Design Architects works to generate their own designs and projects. Your ‘net-zero’ cottage is a perfect example of the new architecture that is not only aesthetic, it is a new way of thinking and living.

Ed and Joanne Ellis, repeat clients at Coates Design for their first residence at Bainbridge Island, a modern and sustainable home in achieving the LEED Platinum certificate, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The couple liked it so much that they decided on a second home in Tumble Creek, a mining area in the state of Washington that went into the desert to the polar cold according to the calendar mark.

Full article found at:

“Arquitectura net-zero: la casa autosostenible capaz de contrarrestar el clima,” Fuera de Serie, September 3, 2018.

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