Jefferson Healthcare’s dental program making an impact

January 13, 2020

Jefferson Healthcare opened its Dental Clinic in June and is working on expanding its staff to have two full-time dentists and dental hygienists. (Jefferson Healthcare)

PORT TOWNSEND — Jefferson Healthcare’s Rural Health Clinic is the first in the state to offer dental services that Medicaid, under-insured and uninsured patients can utilize, and officials are looking to hire additional staff to meet the high needs in the community.

The clinic opened in June, and due to the high volume of patients, another full-time dentist and dental hygienist is needed, said Jake Davidson, executive director of clinic operations.

“The clinic is in the Sheridan Medical Office building at 915 Sheridan St., and the facility allows the primary care and emergency department physicians to give referrals easily for patients who use Medicaid, Davidson said.

“Our primary care providers now have somewhere to refer patients. That’s always been a big issue, especially for the Medicaid population here,” Davidson said. “We now have a place for patients who are either under- or uninsured for dental services.

“We’re seeing patients for dental care who haven’t been seen in 20, 30 years, so now they’re getting care that they should have had long ago.”

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“Jefferson Healthcare’s dental clinic making an impact,” Peninsula Daily News, December 26, 2019. 

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