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Author: Intellitonic

Color in Interior Design

Using color in interior design can affect both the look of a home and also its emotional climate. Learn what modern home interior colors say about your space.

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Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design is a wholesome way to make your home more energy efficient, using the light and energy from the sun to keep the house warm and cool.

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Sustainable Building Practices

Learn more about our partnerships with those who are innovating sustainable materials for buildings and are at the forefront of sustainable construction practices.

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green home with energy efficient design

Energy-Efficient Design and the Home of Your Dreams

At Coates Design, our responsible design philosophy is simple: We believe that better design leads to better quality of life. The projects we undertake vary, but the overarching goal is always to bring our expertise in sustainability to all that we do, while never compromising our attention to great design. Our projects look beautiful and […]

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textures add warmth and personality to minimalist home design

The Simple Charm of Minimalist House Design

Minimalist home design is an often-misunderstood design philosophy. It’s common to lump it in with modern design, and while the two do share similarities, they are distinct styles. There is also a popular misconception that minimalist design must be cold, uninviting, and unforgivingly practical. While simplicity and functionality are elements of a minimalist aesthetic, when […]

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modern kitchen design with long rectangular island and open format leading to living room with large windows

Modern Kitchens: Of Form and Function

From layout to function to sustainability, creating a modern-style kitchen is an exercise in intentional design. At Coates Design, our customized, client-focused process can help bring your modern kitchen ideas to life!

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