My Favorite Buildings From My 5 Favorite Places


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Here is my favorite building from my 5 favorite places in the world:

1. The Museum of Pop Culture
Location: Seattle, Washington
Architect: Frank Gehry

The Museum of Pop Culture, or the EMP as I remember it, is a structure that will always stick out to me. The shiny metallic colors and curved abstract shapes of the buildings are a wholly unique look in comparison to the rest of Seattle architecture. Even a non-architect such as myself can recognize the signature style of Frank Gehry. The wavy shape and the way the reflection comes off of the buildings makes them feel more like living creatures than stagnant buildings.

2. The Broad
Location: Los Angeles, California
Architect: Diller Scofidio + Renfro

The Broad, designed by world-renowned architecture firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro, is one of my favorite buildings through and through. The building itself has as much beauty and grace as the art works inside. Located in downtown Los Angeles, The Broad has much the same effect as MoPop has in Seattle- it stands outs among its mundane surroundings. My favorite part of the building is the escalator that takes through a portal from the ordinary into the art world.

3. The Eden Project
Location: Cornwall, England
Architect: Nicholas Grimshaw

The Eden Project is located in Cornwall which is in Southwest England. It was designed by prominent English architect Nicholas Grimshaw. I remember visiting as a kid, looking from the parking lot and seeing these giant domes that looked so out of place among the greenery of the English countryside. But once I entered, I was immersed in a world that I would have had to travel thousands of miles to experience otherwise. Inside one of the domes, I remember there being a rainforest habitat complete with birds cawing and monkeys jumping from tree to tree. Good architecture is an experience in itself and this place sent me to a whole other country!

4. Temple Expiatori de la Segrada Familia
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Architect: Antoni Gaudi

The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia is designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi and located in Barcelona, Spain. To be honest, I only knew the name ‘Gaudi’ until I looked up this magnificent church. I guess the most legendary architects’ names precede their great works. I remember visiting Barcelona as a fifth grader and being amazed by the height of this great church. It feels more like an art piece than a building; like an old church is being melted to the ground!

5. Fort Santiago
Location: Manila, Philippines
Architect: Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Fort Santiago is a fortress in Manila, Philippines built by Spanish navigator and governor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1593. It is a place where a lot of important Filipino history occurred, which is most of the reason that this structure is one of my favorites. I visited the Fort last summer and cannons still sit like they are ready to fire, the steps that Jose Rizal took going to his execution are marked, and the prisons used during the Japanese Occupation are still there. In addition to these historical memories, the Fort also contains physical memorials for Filipino heroes and busts of the Asian leaders who formed APAC. It is quite incredible to think about how Fort Santiago has withstood the comings and goings of eras and empires and is a symbol of the great history of the Philippines.

A guest post from a Coates Design PR Associate