This Net-Zero Cabin in American Suburbs Uses Only Reclaimed Materials

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Tumble Creek Residences, Entrance
This vacation home, designed by Coates Design Architects to be net-zero, lies in a historic mining area in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, USA. The climate is extremely cold and snowy in the winter months and scorching in the summer. Situated in a master-planned resort community, the house blends sustainable modern architecture with reclaimed rustic materials.

The extreme weather conditions challenged Coates Design Architects to create a comfortable environment without the use of traditional energy consumptive cooling and heating systems. The team sited the building to take advantage of passive solar strategies and created an abundance of the sloped roof to support a 10 kwh PV solar panel array. This system is designed to provide all of the electricity required by the home and is engineered to include a Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall will store extra electricity and will maintain functionality during power outages as well as a vehicle charging station for the owners’ electric cars.

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“This Net-Zero Cabin in American Suburbs Uses Only Reclaimed Materials, by Coates Design Architects,” Designboom, August 13, 2018.