Elegant, Innovative and Livable Solutions

We share a deep belief that architecture, when executed thoughtfully, builds community and contributes to the fiber that elevates and holds society together. We believe that architecture itself is often shaped by its biological and inherent relationship to its environment. Our desire is to create and advocate for responsible architecture; architecture that advances the quality of our world, our ability to perceive it and our relationship to it. This is the driving force and inspiration behind our work.

Responsible Architecture

We are committed to creating buildings that not only do no harm – but also actually have a positive impact on the environment and people who use them. We believe that better design leads to better quality of life.  We’re committed to regenerative design whenever practical: buildings that produce their own energy, bio landscapes that produce food, help the ecosystem and fight pollution.

We hold ourselves accountable for the environmental, economic and social impacts that every project makes in our world environment. We believe that buildings, when thoughtfully designed, will uplift the spirit, nourish the mind and contribute to the health of our bodies, while respecting the environment in which they are placed.

We embrace projects that contribute a “greater good” within our local and international communities by actively pursuing work that allows the firm to contribute responsible, modern and elegant design solutions that benefit others. “Responsible Architecture is not just a design philosophy; it’s an entirely new way of thinking – and living.

Quality Client Service

We are committed to providing our clients an exceptional experience throughout the design and construction of their project.   We actively listen and strive for clear communication. We work to provide an accurate and ongoing description of the design process throughout the project to eliminate surprises. We work collaboratively and enter into each project with a fresh perspective. Our clients bring inspiring ideas, and we want to listen and learn from them.  At the same time, it is our responsibility to provide parameters so that each project maintains forward momentum. We keep our clients apprised of schedule and budget and can provide a snapshot of status at any given time. We stay connected to our clients long after their project is completed and are honored to have attended numerous housewarmings and ribbon cuttings.

“Coates worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure our home was not only beautiful and sustainable but also a real manifestation of our vision and our lifestyle.” – Joanne Ellis