Architecture & Design

At Coates Design Architects, we offer premier quality and the best service of Seattle green architecture. Architecture at Coates is not just about design, but the holistic outcome and optimal livability in the end product. With our expertise in green design and responsible architecture, we have had the privilege to collaborate with like-minded individuals and communities to create efficient spaces. Collaboration and communication with our clients is key to make your dream design a reality. Our vision for you is quality living and usability. We work together on making this happen. By unifying exterior beauty with interior efficiency and design, guests into your home will feel just as proud and privileged to share your home experience. Our top tier design process gives dwellers a place to call home and solace.

Sustainable Green Design

Sustainability is the first priority and mission of Coates Design Architects. We want those who occupy our buildings to be privileged, healthy, and have superlative experiences. With our base in Seattle, we take pride in being a strictly green design firm. Our goal at Coates is to construct and design sustainable living and community spaces. We avoid creating any unusable material in the process by minimizing deconstruction waste. Our approach to sustainably sound design is executed by collecting data on the home’s current energy efficiency and how it can be improved. We take serious consideration in utilizing location and harnessing the elements to create the most livable and streamlined building you can call home.

Programming & Planning

With any project, comes a process of pre-planning, project finances, following protocols, and safety precautions. We are a completely collaborative group, who remain client-focused throughout the project 100 percent of the time. To ensure the most efficient remodel or construction, we offer an energy audit to find the best solution to create an energy efficient building.

Interior Design

To complete an efficiently running building, interior details are key to completing the look to fit the dweller. Our reputation for interior design standards has been recognized in praise from our cherished clients. We work with you during the entire design process to satisfy your desires and contribute some of our best options tailored to your home or building design. In the design process, we will look for all products green, so your inside is a functional, healthy, and comforting place to be. A sensory pleasing exterior is only complete with a carefully planned interior decoration.

Our Client Focused Process

We are the top tier choice for Seattle green design firms. Our desire is to work with individuals who have high standards for design work. We want those who occupy our buildings to be privileged, healthy, and have superlative experiences. We have built community centers, office space, and upscale efficiency homes. Our team at Coates is completely client focused in the planning protocol, construction, and the design process. From beginning to end, we build client relationships with community leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and business professionals. We want to be interactive with you throughout the whole process. We offer the best tools of the trade in efficiency design. We are conclusive in these promises and work to fulfill all wishes from our desired clients.